Our Product Line

Adhesive Technology Corp. manufactures industry leading epoxies and provided reputable solutions for the most demanding concrete bonding applications. Our products provide solutions for anchoring, doweling, Epoxy bonding, Concrete joint filling, concrete epoxy repair, maintenance/restoration and other specialty applications.

Polycoat Products Our Mission is to continuously innovate and offer the latest in Polyurea Polyurethane coatings and elastomers. With our professional Research and Development practices, we aim to deliver the highestquality products, coatings, solutions, services, and support to our most valuable asset - our customers around the world.

Everroof Our goal is to revolutionize the roof restoration industry with superior products that provide permanent, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional roof replacements. Let EVERROOF® Products provide you with our exceptional roof restoration coating products on your next new construction, renovation or repair. Whether you have a large commercial building or a custom residential home projects, EVERROOF® products will surpass your expectations. 


Fortec Stabilization Systems manufactures Carbon-fiber reinforcement systems for the transportation and other industries, designed to stabilize and repair concrete and other structures that have fractured or stresed.

Azo-Grout™ by Azon includes a variety of hydrophobic and hydrophilic polyurethane commercial grout products. Backed by more than 30 years of experience formulating polyurethanes to fit a variety of applications.

Raven Lining Systems offers comprehensive solutions for the protection and renewal of wastewater and water infrastructure.  A cornerstone offering is the Raven Engineered System which is a combination of high performance protective coatings matched with specialized dispensing equipment and methods.  

Chem-Coat Industries, Inc. is a complete chemical provider for the commercial and residential markets.  For over 18 years Chem-Coat has provided time proven products that include: cleaners, sealers, repellents, dyes, concrete reactive stains, and coatings. Chem-Coat’s products can be used on a variety of surfaces including: granite, concrete, masonry, decorative concrete, marble, polished concrete, stucco and stone.

Insulation Solutions creates cutting edge insulation, building products and accessories for a variety of industries. The design and ingenuity of these products reflects our mission: to change everyday building challenges into practical solutions using science, research, and technology. Our solutions help create and sustain energy efficient and weather protected homes and buildings.